Lightshine Spiritual Academy

LSA believes that it is perfectly human to be psychic.

We were all born with the innate potential to live intuitive lives filled with manifestation and miracles, we simply need to turn on these faculties and begin using them! The mission of LSA is to help people connect with and activate their natural intuitive abilities, integrate these skills into their everyday lives, and utilize them to expand and uplevel their human experience.

Co-founders Crystal Anne Compton and Tricia Carr divinely met at a time when they were both sharing their spiritual missions and expanding their heart-oriented businesses.

Tricia discovered Crystal’s popular YouTube channel shortly after launching her own podcast and felt immediately drawn to enroll in one of Crystal’s metaphysical courses. Crystal had recently introduced The Lightworkers Lab, a safe and judgement-free online platform where like-minded people could connect with others and share their experiences on the spiritual path. 

Tricia and Crystal bonded over the many things they had in common, the most important being their shared view that psychic abilities are entirely human and natural and that everyone can and should use and enjoy them. You do not have to be “gifted” to be psychic. You are psychic because you are human! It is literally your birthright.

Building on their shared vision and deep friendship, Crystal and Tricia set about creating cutting-edge, dynamic, and life-shifting spiritual programs like The Intuitive Intensive, Enlightened Entrepreneurship, The Channeling, Mediumship, and Energy Intensives, plus many others. In 2021 they finally launched The Lightshine Academy, a spiritual school designed specifically to equip and enrich all who are looking for deeper spiritual understanding and new, evidential, spiritually charged lived experiences.

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