Lightshine Spiritual Academy offers dynamic programs and events intentionally designed to take spiritual seekers to the next level in their divine journey. Programs are suited for a variety of levels. Click on each program to learn more.

Upcoming Live Programs

The Mystical Medium Weekend Workshop

DECEMBER 4-5, 2021

Join multi-dimensional medium Tricia Carr in a 2-Day Workshop to connect you to the other side. Includes deep dive lessons in the fundamentals of connecting with spirits and how to safely advance your connection.


The Mystical Medium
Weekend Workshop

DECEMBER 4-5, 2021

Join multi-dimensional medium Tricia Carr in this 2-Day Workshop to Connect You to the Other Side.


The Intuitive Intensive

coming in JANUARY

An immersive education and coaching program to blast open your intuitive abilities! LSA's cornerstone program.

coming soon

The Lightshine Development Circle

The Lightshine Development Circle is a sacred place for spiritual seekers to practice giving and receiving readings. The Circle is open to ALL psychics, oracle card readers, mediums, channels, energy healers, Akashic Records readers, and any other type of spiritual practitioner who offers their service via a reading-style format.


Our On-Demand Programs

Intuitive Body Scans

Harmonizing the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Designed for students who want to understand and work with the subtle human energy bodies.


Work With Nature Elementals

Learning the Spiritual Language of Animals and Nature

Learn to connect with your nature elemental guides - faeries, unicorns, dragons and more! Two days of learning and journeying with Nature Spirits.


Many Mansions 

Exploring Interdimensional Worlds

Students will learn about dimensions, cosmic rays, the Omni-dimensionals, alien races, plus groundbreaking techniques to achieve contact.


All About Angels 

Journey to the powerful realm of the angels

Students will explore the angelic kingdom and discover powerful techniques to identify and communicate with the most powerful divine emissaries we have.


Animal and Nature Intuitive

A Free Mini Course!

An introductory course for animal lovers who would like to explore communicating and healing their animal family members.


Introduction to Meditation 

A Free Mini Course!

The devotional practice of meditation serves as the cornerstone to a spiritually focused life. Expand your unique relationship with your inner being and the Universe with this free preparation course.


“If you want to immerse yourself in knowledge, be challenged in ways that allow you to look at yourself and the spirit world in new ways and come out the other side a whole new person, then take the leap and join! Tricia and Crystal are so knowledgeable and amazing at what they do. This is, without a doubt, the best place to take your spiritual practice to a whole new level!"

- Kayla H-U

It has shifted my entire life beyond words. Along with that, the genuine love, support, and sacred space make for an absolutely safe environment to learn and grow in.

- Tracy B

The instructors are amazing and the content is of the highest quality. The coaches and facilitators are also fantastic at what they do and the support they give. If you want to find a safe place to explore and grow your spiritual gifts, this is the place to do it.

- Jenny K

“I take a lot of classes, and I’ve honestly never been in anything as comprehensive as these intensives.”

- Carson D

“I just love the energy of all of the intensive classes. It’s a mini lab experience with a tighter community all supporting one another and the teachings which are amazing. The value in these classes are incredible.”

- Cynthia V